“30,000 bottles of fake imported wine are sold per hour in China”

Council of Bordeaux

“20% of all Rare Wine circling the globe is counterfeit, and the reality is its likely to be far more than that”

Maureen Downey

“50% of wines retailing for $35 or more in China are bogus”

Jeremy Oliver

“Rare Whisky 101 estimates more than a third of rare & collectible Scotch whiskies circulating the secondary market and in private cellars are fake”

Rare Whiskey 101

Wine & Whisky Provenance offers services in brand protection, track & trace solutions, direct to consumer marketing technology, authentication, fraud risk management, education and training.

Wine and whisky producers, auction houses, retailers, restaurants, hotels, cellar masters, insurance companies, government agencies, private collectors, investment companies… and anyone who loves and works with wine or whisky will benefit from our expertise when they want to be sure they are protecting, buying, selling, trading and managing risk in authentic products.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to playing a part in helping producers better protect their brands, eliminate  fraud and enable a more transparent and authentic global marketplace. We take great pride in helping, educating and training the wine and whisky trade, companies and individuals to become smarter in their branding, purchasing and selling choices. We are very strong advocates of wine and whisky authentication & brand protection for producers, sellers and buyers by helping to enable vendors to demonstrate due diligence in education and knowledge on matters of wine and whisky counterfeiting and sourcing, which in turn will provide a stronger assurance and loyalty from consumers.

Our mission

To make it more difficult for fraudsters and their counterparts to thrive by raising awareness and offering expert services to producers, companies, vendors and individuals.  To help educate them to make smarter brand protection, purchase and sale choices. To help unsuspecting buyers of fake wines and whisky’s recover their losses, and to play a role in taking as many fake products out of the market as possible.

Our Vision

To raise awareness of just how prevalent fraud and counterfeiting issues are in the wine and whisky trade and among consumers today, and to help companies and individuals make smarter brand protection, purchase and sale choices, and to better educate them and their assets.

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