Consultancy Services

The market is flooded with counterfeits, and more fake bottles are being made and released every year. We are experts in this field and are here to help you protect your brands and investments.

We provide a suite of products and services to producers, vendors, companies and the wine and whisky trade on brand protection, track & trace, and direct to consumer marketing. We also consult on risk management strategies to educate and help enable them to demonstrate due diligence on matters of brand protection, wine and whisky counterfeiting, sourcing, buying and selling, which in turn will provide a stronger assurance and loyalty from consumers, and improve their reputation in the industry and their bottom line. We also help with strategies to cushion vendors and companies against possible litigation.

Below is a list of services that we offer:

Wine & Whisky Authentication & Risk Management

We provide authentication and risk management services to business such as auction houses, and individuals such as investors & collectors.

Brand Protection and Track & Trace Solutions

We have partnered up with Australian tech company Cellr, who have developed solutions that enhance the Wineries & Distilleries ability to protect their brand in today’s markets. Producers now the ability to identify their legitimate products anywhere, anytime. Cellr has created a world first solution that embeds itself directly into the bottling processes. Using non line of sight readability, they capture each bottle as it passes down the bottling line. This in turn creates a digital “birth certificate” that becomes your immutable record for protection. Top it all off with their tamper-proof design and you can see why this is a wine capsule capable of amazing things. Combine this unprecedented capsule with a software platform that utilises modern day encryption, and you have the ability to truly protect your brand.

Direct to Consumer Marketing

Combining the Cellr platform with the Near Field Communication (NFC) built into their lids and labels, you can unlock endless opportunities to engage with your consumers.

​Cellr’s platform is 100% dedicated to wineries, rather than trying to shoe horn wine marketing into existing tools. They know how expensive it can be to build your own digital tool kit, so why not use theirs over time at a fraction of the cost. Imagine what you could do if each and every bottle had the ability to speak directly to the consumer. Now you can unlock marketing content like never before.

By connecting consumers directly with your content to create a memorable first point of contact, this technology enables a simplified virtual relationship building strategy. Activate campaigns like giveaways, competitions, loyalty programs, virtual tasting bookings, video, social media integrations…the list goes on.

Want to run an instant win competition (think Willy Wonka’s golden ticket), sorted. Want to book them in for a virtual tasting you have happening soon, done. Want to give consumers special content that can only be accessed when they buy a bottle of your wine? Easy.

Your message becomes crystal clear at every point along the supply chain. Whether your wine is being pitched to an overseas distributor, or picked up by a consumer in a bottle shop, you can be confident that your message hasn’t become muddled down the line. This means you tell the story of your label, the provenance of the wine and it’s respective tasting notes every time it changes hands.

You can also target wine drinkers in specific cities, with specific content. Want the good folk of London to hear from your winemaker? Want Chinese consumers to see what their favourite online influencers have to say about your wine? How about a message to sign up for your Vintage 2020 event aimed at local consumers? Or even a national competition to visit your Cellar door? This can all be done on an ongoing basis from the comfort of the Cellr portal.

Buying & Selling Services

Whether you choose to purchase and sell through private customers, auction houses, or retailers, we have the expertise to help you make more informed buying decisions and help you sell for the maximum profit.

Advising & Consulting Government Agencies, Vendors & Companies

We specialise from advising to ongoing consultancy services to Government agencies, auction houses, retailers, wealth creation companies, Insurance agencies, restaurants, hotels and producers. Whether it be risk management strategies, training & education, authenticating wine or writing reports…we are here to help!

Public Speaking and Seminars

Scott Evers is a global rare wine and wine fraud expert . He is available for public speaking at events and hosting seminars for trade, companies, wine investors, or anyone interested in learning more about wine authentication and wine fraud.

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