Consultancy Services

The Fine and Rare Wine market is flooded with counterfeits, and more fake bottles are being made and released every year. We are experts in this field and are here to help you protect your investment.

We consult vendors, companies and the wine trade on risk management strategies to educate and help enable them to demonstrate due diligence on matters of wine counterfeiting, sourcing, buying and selling, which in turn will provide a stronger assurance and loyalty from consumers, and improve their reputation in the industry and their bottom line. We also help with strategies to cushion vendors and companies against possible litigation. We help individuals make more informed wine purchase and investment choices, and help them recover losses from bad purchases made from unscrupulous vendors. We determine the authenticity of your current investment or pre-purchase opportunity, and provide a report confirming your collection and ensuring you get the full market price when selling, and peace of mind when buying.
Below is a list of services that we offer:

Wine Authentication

A professional authentication is the clarity that every wine collector needs to ensure the wine they have purchased or are looking to purchase is authentic.

Inspection, Appraisal and Valuation Reports

Authenticating wine, Condition of wine, Insurance (flood and fire, theft), Potential sale or liquidation, Separation of assets or divorce, Estate needs and Litigation.

Wine Auction Negotiation, Representation & Oversight

The strategic relationships we have built with auction houses enables us to help you negotiate commission fees, set realistic reserves and auction estimates (depending on provenance and condition of bottle), and to oversee the selling and payment process. Put simply, we help you maximise your profits!

Wine Investment Strategies

Investing in wine as part of your wealth creation portfolio can be very profitable and rewarding if done the correct way. Let us manage your investment portfolio and help you make smarter purchasing and selling decisions.

Buying and Selling Services

Whether you choose to purchase and sell through private customers, auction houses, or retailers, we have the expertise to help you make more informed buying decisions and help you sell for the maximum profit.

Government Agencies, Vendors & Companies

We specialise from advising to ongoing consultancy services to Government agencies, auction houses, retailers, wealth creation companies, Insurance agencies, restaurants, hotels and producers. Whether it be risk management strategies, training & education, authenticating wine or writing reports…we are here to help!

Expert Witness Testimony

We offer expert witness testimony in court to cases relating to wine fraud. We can produce in depth formal reports and use those reports as evidence in litigation.

Public Speaking and Seminars

Scott Evers is a global rare wine and wine fraud expert . He is available for public speaking at events and hosting seminars for trade, companies, wine investors, or anyone interested in learning more about wine authentication and wine fraud.

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